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Chats and Forums are a great way to further your genealogy research enabling you to reach out to huge communities. More and more are popping up everyday and below you will be able to search through the major ones that I have found useful. The links have all been reviewed and checked and more are always being added. Make sure to check back often and please do send in any further suggestions. Good luck with your genealogy research.

  • Belfast Forum - Your forum for all things Belfast, including Genelaogy
  • Genforum - chat and message boards about genealogy topics, from individual family names to regions.
  • Genealogy Register - lists links to personal family histories, and features message boards for discussion.
  • International Internet Genealogical Society - Chat
  • Keser / Kiser Chat Room - dedicated to discussing genealogical issues for the surname.
  • RootsChat - request help or browse the many hundreds of active threads on genealogy including by country, county area.
  • Ancestry Message Boards
    Centralized collection of genealogical message boards hosted by Ancestry.com. Forums include specialized topics such as surnames, locales, and organizations. A versatile search engine allows for locating specific resources including Bible records, deeds, and marriage bonds among others.
  • Genealogy Chat
    A wide variety of genealogy chats are scheduled each week in this Web based chat room. No special software or membership required.
  • Genealogy Forum 
    Includes FAQ, chat and surname posting
  • Genealogy Chat Forum
    Chats hosted by knowledgeable genealogists cover a variety of genealogy research topics
  • AOL Hispanic Genealogy Special Interest Group
    An informal association of Hispanic genealogists who meet in the America OnLine TM (AOL) Genealogy Forum.
  • Old Photo Forum
    Discussion forum for sharing of information about old photographs and genealogical research.
  • KissingCousins
    For anyone whose families include same-name marriages or more than one marriage between the same two families to discuss genealogical topics related to these occurrences.
  • Genealogy Club of Newfoundland
    Meet and share Newfoundland family history, chat room, and photos.
  • Hispanic Genealogy Forum
    Forum for those searching for Hispanic ancestors. Discussions, tips, downloads and advice are available. Has a query section and chat room. Includes all Hispanic countries and Spain.
  • Ulster Ancestry : Genealogy Forum and Chat Rooms
    A genealogy forum for those researching their ancestors in Ulster, Northern Ireland, Scotland and those who emigrated to the USA from Ireland.
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    Like the Chats and Forums why not take a look at the following websites and get on there mailing lists?

  • Afrigeneas - genealogical research and resources for people interested in African ancestry. Provides slave data, census records, surnames, newsletter, and more.
  • Roots Resources Page - genealogy mailing list which maintains a database of surnames which may be interactively searched.
  • Genealogy Resources on the Internet: Mailing Lists - broken into general, software, surname, U.S., and non-US geographic subject areas.
  • Fies / Fees Mailing List - for researching the family name.
  • Lumley Mailing List - info about the surname.
  • Roots-L - http://www.rootsweb.com/roots-l/
    One of the oldest and largest email discussion lists for those interested in family history and genealogy. Contains message archives, and links to other resources.
  • Genealogy Resources on the Internet - http://www.rootsweb.com/~jfuller/gen_mail.html
    John Fuller's links to genealogy email lists.
  • Cyndi's List - Mailing Lists - http://www.cyndislist.com/mailing.htm
    Lists specific genealogical or historical discussions via e-mail. Organized by subject.
  • Scots-Origins - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/scots-origins/
    For research and discussion of Scottish origins.
  • Brickwall - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Brickwall/
    For those most elusive ancestors you can find nothing on.
  • Genealogy-DNA - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/GENEALOGY-DNA.html
    For anyone who would like to discuss methods and share results of DNA testing as applied to genealogical research.
  • Slovak-Roots - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SLOVAK-ROOTS/
    For genealogy research, queries and assistance in locating information on ancestors who were from areas of the former Austria-Hungary empire and/or the former Czechoslovakia.
  • Genealogy UK - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/genealogyuk/
    For anything to do with the study of family history in England, Scotland and Wales.
  • English Research - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/englishresearch/
    For helping people overcome problems with researching their English ancestors and to allow a forum to pass on useful tips and information.
  • One-Place-Study - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/ONE-PLACE-STUDY.html
    For anyone who is actively involved in studying a single parish or group of parishes in the United Kingdom as well as those who are about to embark on such a project.
  • Genealogy Info Research Center - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/genealogyinforesearchcenter/
    Dedicated to helping new and advanced researchers.
  • Genealogy Chat Friends - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/genealogychatfriends/
    Pooling resources and aiding other researchers.
  • Genealogy Research Club - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/genealogyresearchclub/
    For surname queries and helpful tips on your research.
  • Free Genealogy Information - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/freegenealogyinformation/
    General exchange of ideas and information.
  • Shipwreck - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/SHIPWRECK.html
    For anyone with a genealogical interest in shipwrecks and persons lost at sea, on inland waterways, on lakes and other bodies of water.
  • Gen-Newbie - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/GEN-NEWBIE.html
    The list discusses genealogy, family history, computer applications, and a wide variety of other topics with a goal of assisting anyone who wants community coaching.
  • Orphanages - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/ORPHANAGES.html
    Tips on how to research family who were in orphanages.
  • Y-IRL - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Y-IRL/
    For those who seek information on their Irish ancestors.
  • Vintage-Photos - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/VINTAGE-PHOTOS.html
    For the discussion and sharing of information regarding vintage photos including, but not restricted to, proper storage, preservation, restoration, aging and dating, restoration software, photo types and materials used, restoration assistance, and scanning options.
  • Copyright - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/COPYRIGHT.html
    The discussion of copyright issues, particularly as they pertain to genealogical matters.
  • GenTips - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/GenTips.html
    For the sharing of genealogy research tips, advice and ideas. The list is useful for both beginning genealogists and experts.
  • Gen-Travel-Europe - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/GEN-TRAVEL-EUROPE.html
    For the discussion and sharing of information regarding travel to and within Europe in search of information on ancestors.
  • Genealogy-Research-Club - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/GENEALOGY-RESEARCH-CLUB.html
    For novice genealogists to discuss and share information that will help them improve their genealogical research skills.
  • Witch-Hunting - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/WITCH-HUNTING.html
    For the discussion and sharing of information regarding the ancestors and descendants of any person mentioned in original records related to witch hunting.
  • Webpage-Announce - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/WEBPAGE-ANNOUNCE.html
    A read-only mailing list for weekly announcements of new Rootsweb user webpages
  • Australian Genealogy - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Australiangenealogy/
    Tips, announcements and general discussion.
  • Gen-Events - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/GEN-EVENTS.html
    Discussing and sharing of information regarding schedules, topics and speakers for genealogy events worldwide including conferences, meetings, and conventions.
  • Senior-Newbie - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/SENIOR-NEWBIE.html
    For people of all ages who would like help learning to use the Internet and their computer for genealogy purposes in a safe environment, without being made to feel stupid.
  • New-GenList - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/NEW-GENLIST.html
    For announcing new genealogy mailing lists.
  • GenAuthor - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/GENAUTHOR.html
    For anyone writing or publishing or planning on preparing and publishing a biography, family genealogy book or similar work related to genealogy, history or culture.
  • New-Gen-URL - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/NEW-GEN-URL.html
    For the posting of information on genealogy-related web sites in order to save researchers time in locating new web sites and determining the location of significant web resources.
  • ALIAS-AKA - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/ALIAS-AKA.html
    Discussion of given names or surnames that have been changed, primarily without leaving any legal record.
  • NewGen - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/NEWGEN.html
    Created to assist those who are quite new to genealogy.
  • Gen-Travel-US - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/GEN-TRAVEL-US.html
    For the discussion and sharing of information regarding travel to and within the United States in search of information on ancestors.
  • Lost_Newbies - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/Lost_Newbies.html
    For people who are new to genealogy and/or the use of the Internet in genealogical research
  • Immi-Grand - http://lists.rootsweb.com/index/other/Miscellaneous/IMMI-GRAND.html
    For those attempting to do genealogical research whose grandparents or parents arrived in the USA after 1875

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