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Heraldry is a growing interest in the genealogical circle and new sites are springing up every day. A good overview of some of the best sites that can help you find your Heraldry are listed below

  • Digital Collection: Heraldry - describes Canada's uniqueheraldry and armorial tradition.
  • Heraldry on the Internet - offers links and information for heraldry research.
  • Francois Velde's Heraldry Site - hundreds of articles, images, and links on heraldry from the Middle Ages to the present and around the world.
  • Pimbley's Dictionary of Heraldry
  • Heraldry Links - directory of sites pertaining to heraldry and the study of coats of arms.
  • Elizabethan Heraldry - offers historical background on coats of arms and armory.
  • Civic Heraldry of England and Wales - offers glossary of heraldry terms and examples of English and Welsh heraldry.
  • HeraldicAmerica - devoted to North American heraldry, especially Canadian.
  • Coats of Arms from Ireland and Around the World - features galleries, articles, heraldry customs and practices, and more.
  • Heraldry in Macedonia - features historical information and images of personal, corporate, municipal, and national heraldry.
  • Heraldry Society of Canada - promotes the heraldic traditions of Canada.
  • Glossary of Terms Used in Heraldry - offers a comprehensive list of heraldic terminology. Includes illustrations, synoptical tables, and a gallery of images.
  • Heraldry and Coat of Arms Web Ring - created to gather sites which deal primarily with heraldry and arms of all countries.
  • EarlyBlazon.com - provides examples of early coat of arms drawn from the Albigensian Crusade (also known as the Crusade against Cathars). Includes background.
  • Heraldry and Vexillology - International Federation of Vexillological Associations.
  • Keltic Heraldry - offers a brief lexicon of heraldic terms and information on the basics of Keltic heraldry.
  • LeForte, Stewart - Coat of Arms - description of coat of arms granted to J. Stewart A. LeForte, with links to orders of chivalry and heraldry.
  • Imperial College of Heraldry of the Holy Roman Empire - offers information about coats of arms and heraldic matters pertaining to the Holy Roman Empire.
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    Interested in Genealogy Shops and Services? Then take a look below at the latest list of family history sites to visit.

  • Guild of One-Name Studies - international organisation for everyone interested in one-name studies.
  • UK Sgian Dhu Interactive - information about hundreds of Scottish clans and tartans available online, with more detailed versions for sale on CD-ROM; company offers multimedia and Internet design services.
  • Tree Maker, The - produces fan-shaped family tree wallcharts that can display over 500 names and eight generations.
  • Concepts Products - offers a variety of products and services with a focus on heraldry products such as surname histories and original coat of arms prints, glassware, rings, and others as well as infrared saunas.
  • House of Names - offers free name search and excerpt from your history. Shopping for surname history scrolls, family history, and coats of arms.
  • Fleur-de-lis Designs - provides traditional design and personalised coats of arms and family crests.
  • UK Family-crests.com - offers coats of arms and family crests, researched by heralds, and illustrated by artists.
  • Ireland Irish Surnames - offers family crests and coats of arms.
  • Coat of Arms Store - sells coats of arms and family crests.
  • Annie & Frédéric Luz - European family coat of arms research, heraldry FAQ, and products.
  • Kane Ancestral Map of Ireland - provides the lineage of over 750 ancient Gaelic families that are descendants of the Royal Milesian line.
  • UK Heraldic Sculptor to the British Royal Household - specialising in coat of arms and crests.
  • Heraldry and Crests - purchase coat of arms, name histories, plaques, parchments, crests, wappens, and more.
  • Coat-arms.com - offers framed and unframed prints as well as downloadable versions of coats of arms.
  • LastName.com - providing family crests and coat of arms on prints, glasses, shirts, plaques, and more.
  • Name Center, Inc. - researching the history of family names.
  • UK Name Heritage International - offering family name history, coat of arms, and heraldry.
  • UK Fake Titles - Richard, 7th Earl of Bradford, warns the unwary that it's impossible to purchase a genuine British title.
  • Historical Names and Heraldry - offers coat of arms, family name histories, heraldic rings, embroideries, and glassware.
  • Family-Crest.com - offering coat of arms and family name history gifts.
  • Name Traces - Trace your name back to its origin. Makes a great gift for anyone!
  • Family Coats of Arms - researchers and manufacturers of family coats of arms; ships products worldwide.
  • Heraldica para Apellidos de Origen Español - heraldry, genealogy and coats of arms for surnames of Spanish origin.
  • Sheba Imports - offers rings, badges, and family crests. Also deals with military and corporate insignia.
  • Surname History Index
  • FamilySpheres - preservation and archiving of family history on compact disc. Services also include photo scanning, enhancement and repair.
  • Coat of Arms - printing family crests and surname histories for most European names.
  • Pewter Plaques, Inc. - specialise in coats of arms.
  • Old World Family Names - providing Coats of Arms and name histories for names from throughout the world.
  • UK G K Beaulah & Co - makers of hand-painted family coats of arms, heraldic crests, wall shields, and military badges.
  • Viles Genealogy - genealogy for the Viles family from 1700's to present.
  • Index of Surnames
  • European Coats of Arms - sells heraldries of surnames and coats of arms with family names, genealogy, and historials.
  • Heritage Crests - offers products bearing family coat of arms, including plaques, scrolls, mugs, and more.
  • Family Crests UK - sells hand-painted wall shields, plaques and gifts as well as individual family coats of arms.
  • Tangibles - offers Bibles, letters, photographs, deeds and similar ephemera which provide evidence of ancestors. Organised by family name.
  • Heritage Store, The - offers unique coats of arms and surname histories, professionally researched and guaranteed for authenticity.
  • Military Heraldry - sells heraldry items from the United States Army including shoulder sleeve and distinctive unit insignias, and heraldic devices.
  • Family Crests - offers family crest e-mailed to as an email attachment.

    Interested in Noblitiy titles? Search these sites to discover your royal roots!

  • UK Elite Titles - offers the opportunity to become a Lord, Lady, Baron, Duke, Countess, Marquis, Sir, and more.
  • Elite Titles - offers English and Continental titles including Lord, Lady, and Baron.
  • UK Fake Titles - Richard, 7th Earl of Bradford, warns the unwary that it's impossible to purchase a genuine British title.
  • UK Hay Peerage - confers titles of nobility including Dukedoms, Earldoms, Baronies, and Knighthoods.
  • UK Noble Titles - offers fully accredited historic titles.
  • UK titles4sale.com - sells titles such as Lord, Lady, Sir, Count, and Countess.
  • UK Aristocratic Titles - offers select Lord and Lady of the Manor Titles, including membership to the Landed Gentry Society.




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