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  • Ireland Edgeworths - about the Edgeworth family from Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford which included novelist Maria Edgeworth.
  • Edenfield - detailed historical information about the Edenfield surname.
  • Estrada - traces the origins of this surname.
  • Erland - dedicated to family histories including surname list, library list, and family booklets.
  • Elborn - information about the Elborn family in Canada, with a timeline and related surname list.
  • UK Earthy - also Arthy, Arthey, and Earthey.
  • Eddleman - descendants of David Eddleman born in 1765-70.
  • Eckhoff (1)
  • Eidhammer - Norwegian American relations and a dictionary containing Norwegian words related to genealogy and a searchable database.
  • Eardley - includes marriage certificates, deaths, births, family tree, and the 2000 Eardley family reunion.
  • Evans (1)
  • UK Evans Familiy History - also Collier, Birch, Fletcher, Spacey, Eley, Buckeridge, and Turfitt.
  • Ewing (1)
  • Edwards (2)
  • Eschbach / Eshbach - genealogical database of descendants of Christian Eschbach.
  • Elgin - database of descendant info for George Elgin b. 1674 Scotland and Elizabeth Adams b. 1680 MD. Copies of Colonial documents and 19th century photos.
  • Ehle - following families from New York to Wisconsin.
  • Edelman / Edelmann - also searching for Christy, Jackson, Jarrell, Bulmer, and others.
  • Etterling
  • Ellington - including Griner, Thurman, Ludvik, Chandler, David, Dixon, Neuman, Steinberg, Babb & McClellan surnames.
  • Egelman / Igelman
  • Evensen - research on the family names of June, Key, Starrett, Stubbs with a searchable tree.
  • Ehrlich - family roots and Jewish genealogy.
  • Enfinger
  • Engelhardt / Warner - including Remington, Uhl, Reed, Workman, Wolfe and many more.
  • Etherton - includes information on Etherton, Allen, Huffine, and Lawson surnames.
  • Everett (2)
  • Ireland Eivers - combined history and family trees of Eivers/Evers emigrants. Includes name variants Heever and MacKeever.
  • Ellerton - includes family coats of arms and links to other researchers.
  • Evans / Bishop / Torrence - features descendent lists. Also includes the Cloninger, Branham, and Mangus families.
  • Eisenberg
  • Ertmer - listing members of the family.
  • Eversole / Ebersole - researching all spelling variations.
  • Eidt - maintaining the Eidt family record in Canada. Also includes the spelling variation, Eydt.
  • Engelsmann

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