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  • Featherstone - dedicated to the study of the surname and its variants.
  • Fleetwood - family tree back to Isaac Fleetwood b. 1740's.
  • Finnerty - for all those people interested in Finnerty genealogy and the many other spellings of the name.
  • Foulke (1)
  • Ford /Mobley - information on the families of Dolores Ford Mobley and Mark Mobley.
  • Fontenot - including family genealogy and news.
  • Fairhead - provides an online resource for those interested in the Fairhead family history and upcoming events.
  • Franklin - traces the ancestors of Willam M. Franklin Jr.
  • Fairlambs - of Allendale.
  • Fies / Fees - for researching the family name.
  • Forsyth Society USA
  • Fleming - genealogy of the Fleming family of Pitt County, North Carolina and Pulaski County, Georgia and allied families.
  • Forbes (1)
  • Falconberry / Falconbury - includes current and historical family information.
  • Frazer
  • Fortier - reuniting all the Fortier over North America.
  • Forrest - research of Forrest and all variances of the spelling surname. Gedcoms and numerous links.
  • Fairfield / Kynman - family tree and links to other surname databases.
  • Fricano - for all Fricanos around the world.
  • Frazier (2)
  • Fulkerson - family history from old New Amsterdam to the Wild West.
  • Farr (2)
  • Fife - place for descendents of David Fife Kirkcaldy (1800s) to gather and meet.
  • Fruchey - genealogical information of descendants of Hans|Johannes Frutschi And Apollonia Geiger.
  • Frankson - family history, news, upcoming events, and personal web sites.
  • Ferranti - Benotti
  • Floore - the family came down the Ohio River to the Louisille, KY area around 1800.
  • Freeds - Research for Shivers, Mcadams, Schindler, Flynn, and Mclaughlin.
  • Fitch
  • Faulstich
  • UK Fox - Damian Fox's research into his family history including the following surnames: Fox, Cox, Holliday, Biltcliffe, Greenwood, Loversidge, Rhodes, Whitaker.
  • Francom - genealogy & heraldry of the Francom family.
  • Family Genealogy - includes "I Found a Family in a Shoebox" and research for people migrating from various countries to Canada.
  • Ferranti / Benotti - from Italy to Massachusetts 1911 to present.
  • Field - with many allied lines: Grasz, Grass, Wilson, Hinkle, Gohn, Brown, Frymire, Steelman, Knaub, and Lewis.
  • Flight - information on Gloucestershire genealogy, something different, Golden Retrievers
  • Flippo
  • Findon - find out all about the family history and research family members around the world.
  • Faulkner (1)
  • UK Faulkner Family History - also Bray, Holt, Rowe, Rashleigh, Green, and Lovell.
  • Faed - details of Faed artists, family tree, and more.
  • Ferguson - gathering place of Fergusons related to John and Margaret Ferguson of NY(1770-1840). Other surnames are Byce Craiger, Barker and others.
  • Farmer (1)
  • UK Farmer - family pages providing a collection of surname data.
  • Finger
  • FAQ - alt.family-names.* Newsgroups
  • Flemmer - everything Flemmer.
  • Foisy
  • Funderburk - also Watsons, Bumgardners, Currys, Leechs, Lowes, Stocktons, Pruetts.
  • Farquharson (1)
  • Furlong - also Thompson, Gilroy, Porter, Mills, Dow, Brooks, Siddall, and others.
  • UK Fisk - provides parish records of the Fisk and Fiske families.
  • Floriano
  • Fairchild - genealogy, family news, events, member pages
  • Flatt - descendants of James Flatt of NJ.
  • Fritchley / Keefe - researching ancestors from England and Ireland who immigrated to Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.
  • Fiegel - includes data, family charts, and more on all of the family lines.
  • UK Fitzhugh - for descendants of Hugh who died around 1223 and whose son was the first Fitzhugh.
  • Fitzpatrick
  • Fumich - chart of the geneological structure of the family.
  • Furneaux - family history dating back to before 1066.
  • Fish - other families include: Sopher, Whiteaker, Medbery, Twing, Barber, Freeman, and Ellis.
  • Fonoimoana
  • Feetham - offers family trees and biographies.
  • UK Finney - also Tickle, Taylor, Yates, and Anders.
  • Friedman - surname list and more for the family descended from Mathias Friedman, who emigrated from Baden-Baden, Germany, to the United States in 1832.
  • Fernandez
  • Fisher (1)
  • UK Fisher UK - also Clayton, Hockenhull, Wiseman, Fines, Pickering, and more.

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