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  • Genealogy Register - lists links to personal family histories, and features message boards for discussion.
  • Grant / Campbell
  • Gentner - also Amann, Brooks, Jonas, Kidney, Nenno, Seider, Smith, Stewart, Winter, and others.
  • Gowdy - traces the history of the Gowdy-Goudy family name.
  • Garriott - shows Garriott ancestry using linked family trees and lists of descendants. Includes surname and heraldry information.
  • Gregor - includes the clan's history, genealogy, and tartans.
  • Gemmell / Walker - covering seven generations from Ayrshire, Scotland, and Lanark Co., Ontario.
  • Gilders - features information on the Gilders surname in the U.K. and U.S.
  • Giesing / Bauer / Doerr - also Hobelmann, Kriege, Otten, Reymer, and Townley.
  • Gliedman - source for Gliedman family research and the Gliedman family tree project.
  • Grimaldi - provides reference material on the history and genealogy of the House of Grimaldi.
  • Goyetche - traces its ancestry to Jean Goyetche, a fisherman born in 1763 in Bayonne, France. Today, Jean's descendants number almost 1,000.
  • Greathouse - central resource for information gathered by the Greathouse Cousin Network. Includes archives, researcher list, and database.
  • Gehling - midwestern branch of the family as told in the biographies and lineages of six firstborn sons.
  • Gordon
  • Gilmartin
  • Grant (2)
  • Ireland Grant - history of the genealogy of the family from their arrival in Ireland to the present day.
  • Garrison - includes Ahnentafels for Norman and Garrison lineages.
  • Grunwald - dedicated to bringing the worldwide Grunwald family together
  • Gritton
  • Gingell - history, index, links and more for the Gingells.
  • Goodson - records available include census, birth, deaths, cemetery, and marriage.
  • George (2)
  • Graham - dozens of family surnames covering nearly 2000 years. Includes: Briggs, Coker, Demler, Gates, Graham, Hurley, Kerby, Larimore, Printz, Renz, Short, Woodard, and many more.
  • Gagné / Dumontier
  • Grubb - also Brashears, Dyer, Fowler, Marshall, Jones, Kiesel, Gower, Henry, Doyle, and Varnell.
  • Goad - tool for genealogy and for communications associated with genealogy.
  • Goonan - provides historical family information as well as links to related sites.
  • Glendinning
  • Gardner - genealogy for the surnames Gardner, Smith, Hazelgrove, McCoy, McGinley, Coffey, Stratton, Fisher, and others
  • Gibbs
  • Goosen - about the family tree.
  • Glanville - including the surnames: Allen, Ball, Barnett, Chantler, Cheesman, Couchman, Crewys, Cropp, Early, Fish, Ford and Francis.
  • Girdler - history and the coat-of-arms of Bland, Dalton, Daulton,Girdley, Girtley, etc.
  • Gilbert (5)
  • Glendinning
  • Giering - alternate spellings include Gühring and Guehring.
  • Glenister - family history and worldwide one name study.
  • Geyer - from Buffalo, Erie Co., NY.
  • Gigliotti  - in English and Italian.
  • Godwin (1)
  • UK Gebauer - features links, personal interests, hobbies, and a meeting place for all Gebauers.
  • Goble - Thomas Goble (1590/91-1657) of West Sussex, England.
  • Gootee
  • Gasser - compilation of historical information.
  • Gagnier / Gagne / Gagner (2)
  • Gryder
  • Griffin (2)
  • Gaal / Gael
  • Goetzman / Götzman - resource for descendents around the world to share information, post reunions, share pictures and stories, and exchange historical information and research data.
  • Graves - of the Southeastern United States.
  • Gravitt - and all variants, including descendant charts, census & marriage records.
  • Gresko - Genealogy on Kimble, Hollands, Call, Greenfield and Scott. Index of names, historical photos, journals pages from late 1800s in PA.
  • Goodling / Woods - also including: Boone, Van Tassel, Wightman, Opden Dyck, Edwards, Perry, Lenfest, Montauk, Glen, Wilson, and more.
  • Gourdin - history and genealogy of the Gourdin/Gourdine Family from South Carolina, 1830-present.
  • Gregorich - building the branches and connecting the links for the family.
  • Greene (1)
  • Gabbert / Giancola - research includes the surnames: Balnek, Cheatham, Comstock, Covington, Fick, Finley, Hunt, Pack, Pohls, Prince, Vance, Welzmueller and several others.
  • Gette - genealogy of Gette, Barton, Koenig, Cole, Schuch, and Ahrens families.
  • Green (3)
  • Gaines - family tree back to 1500's. Alternate spellings and other surnames include: Gasnier, Gagnier, Gagne, Gonyea, Marcroft, and Howard.
  • Gaskins - family tree from 1589.
  • Gix - also: Groh, Morey, Trepp and Fimian surnames.
  • UK Gorvett - family history of Gorvetts, Gorveatts, Gorveattes, and Gorretts throughout the world.
  • UK Gammell - provides information on Gammell family overview, ancestors, names, and family tree.
  • Gaubert - traces the line of Edward Gaubert, born in 1704.
  • Genter / Martin - including the surnames: Beard, Bergameister, Blessington, Brown, Davidson, Duleaw, Grosea, and others.
  • Gillies
  • Golden / Tams / Meehan
  • Grace
  • Grange - other surnames include: Jensen, Swett, Wright, Christensen, Wilcox, Harkness, Diaz, Anderson, Thornton, Rocks, Andreasen, Boone, Wilson, Iversen, Andersen, Sullivan, Pedersen, Lopez and Dominguez.
  • Gleesons - contains a history of the Gleeson sept and the emergence of surnames in Ireland.
  • Gullett - genealogical information.
  • Gerken - also includes Schulte, Winter, Schumacher, Uthe, Kieler, Larson, and Nyborg.
  • Gorrell - includes the families of Nehemiah, Taylor, Lemmon, Lowe, Wray, Ray, Heath, Peck, Ater, Webb, Tarchala, and Dzik.
  • Grimason - features baptisms, births, marriages, and deaths featuring the surname and its variations.
  • Geary - meet an 11th century knight; a French Freebooter and an Irish killer who became a Texas millionaire.
  • Gindlesperger - researching the history, traditions, and lore of the descendants of Ulrich Gindlesperger, who arrived in America from Rotterdam on September 15, 1749
  • UK Green - also Bryant, Harris, Watson, Weeden, and Masters.
  • Grissom - descendants of John Tolliver and Florence Martha Haston Grissom.
  • Garst - alternate spellings include Gerst and Gharst.
  • Galleymore
  • Genkel - shares genealogical research on the roots of the Genkel family.
  • Guckel - dedicated to the research of the surname.
  • UK Grimshaw - traces the family line from 1300 AD to the present day.
  • Garbe - includes the names Knoblauch, Bursian, Knorn, Tarneski, Thielemann, Augstein, Knoeffler, Krieg, and Kasior, involving the locations of Florlauken, Bernburg, Krauschuetz, and Silesia in Germany.
  • Girling - areas for origin of this name include Norfolk and Suffolk, in England.
  • Greb / Wiser - also including Steinke and Thompson genealogy.
  • Gresse
  • Gallihugh - genealogical history of the family.
  • UK Golton - provides information about the Golton surname and the location and origins of families with the Golton, Goulton, Galton, Gaulton and Golten names.
  • Gibson (1)

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