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  • Jaeger - traces the family tree from its origin in Alsace, starting in 1676.
  • Jesenovec - Slovenian genealogy.
  • Johnston - features membership, merchandise, and more for researchers of Johnston or Johnstone heritage.
  • Judson
  • Jacobs - research on Jacobs and Lear families of Australia, England, and Denmark.
  • Jennings (1)
  • Jackson (3)
  • Jack - Jack/Beaumont emigrated to New Zealand c1870. Researching Brown, Burgess, Hayes, Perriam lines, and more.
  • UK Josey - tracing the Josey family origins in Aldworth, U.K. circa 1640 to the present day worldwide.
  • Jankowski - genealogy of the Jankowskis in the USA. Includes branches of Sullivan, Cherveny, Marshall, and Dark.
  • Jefferson / Cowdrey
  • Judkins - for people researching the surname Judkins and their associated families.
  • Johnson (3)
  • UK Jackson - descendants of Christopher Jackson born in Maryhill, Glasgow, Scotland, around 1825.
  • UK Johnson Family History - names covered include Johnson, Baines, Hawksley, Asbery, Vollans, Pettitt, Cutter, Flack, and Challis.
  • Joy open this site in another window - line of descent from Thomas Joy & Joan Gallup.
  • Jones (3)
  • Jablonowski
  • Jeremiah - tracing the family from Carmarthenshire and Cardiganshire in South Wales.

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