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  • Ireland Kavanagh - overview of the origin and early history of the Kavanagh clan/family.
  • Kistler - includes coat of arms description and general history, photos, and links.
  • Kitces / Keces / Keses / Kitzes / Kitzis - family tree and significant events for the families. Also includes Charest, Pearson, Gordon, Westheimer, Greenwald, Simon, and Rohr.
  • Kizhanatham - dedicated to Kizhanatham V. Athinatha Iyengar and his family history. Includes background on Kizhanatham Village.
  • Krey
  • Kernke - researching the descendants of Christian Wilhelm Kernke from Lansberg, Prussia. Also includes the Scheffler, Hebbard, Schroter, Rosanack, Daum, Herfort, Nietke, and Trieves families.
  • Kenna - family tree and photos for the extended family of Kenna, Willette, Averett, Byrd, Cole, and Graves.
  • Kipnis - dedicated to the family's history.
  • Kippelman / Kipilman - documenting the family in America since the 1899 arrival of Max Kipilman from Kolki, in present-day Ukraine. Includes guestbook, virtual cemetery, photos, and links.
  • Kelly (3)
  • Kerchner - discusses the ancestry of the family in Lehigh County, (Allentown area), PA.
  • Kinsella - contains historical and genealogical information as well as a bulletin board and related links.
  • Kouklis / Kouklakis / Angavanakis - of Crete, Greece and the USA. Family history, photographs and lineage.
  • Kuykendall (1)
  • Kyle - also covering the surnames Webster, Davis, Anderson, Hagerman, Tyree, Irving and Pettus.
  • Keith (3)
  • Kiff - one name study of the surname including newsletters.
  • Kirkpatrick - variations of Kilpatrick, Killpatrick, and Gilpatrick.
  • Kennamer - information about the family, with a special emphasis on their history in North Alabama.
  • UK Kurudamannil - traces the origins of the family from the first century.
  • Kinsman - provides descendant outlines for Kinsman, Daugherty, Delbridge, Gill, and others.
  • Koon / Lomax / Quattelbaum - Lineages for Benedictus Kuhn, William Lomax, Jacob Keller, Henry Dominick and Peter Quattelbaum.
  • Kean - family tree of the Keans from Bonavista Bay, Flower's Island and Pool's Island, Newfoundland.
  • Kirkwood - Descendents of Alexander Kirkwood (1823-1901).
  • Knappenberger - spellings include Knuppenburg, Knappenberg, and Knappenburger.
  • Kennedy / Dennis / Flanagan - also Hull, Jarvis, Klahn, Maddy, and more.
  • UK Kerry - also King, Lukes, and Hutcheon in the counties of Kent, Suffolk, and Norfolk.
  • Kinkade (1)
  • Knoblauch / Knobloch / Knoblock - dedicated to sharing information/queries on these family names.
  • Keser / Kiser - dedicated to tracking down the family line. Includes a chat room of Keser / Kiser family memebes.
  • Keys - also researching the alternate spellings: Key, Keye and Keyes.
  • Knippenberg - family tree and history of castle Knippenberg.
  • Kinsey / Kinzie
  • Kellogg - tracing the family from the early 1600s in Massachusetts, and Illinois to California in 1846.
  • Kyger - descendants of Christian Geiger 1700 - 1779.
  • Kiblin
  • Kitching - researching surnames: Kitchen, Kitchin, Gerhard, Gerrard, Dubery, Dewberry, and Willis.
  • Kluge - information about the Kluge Family in Denmark, Germany and the USA; searching descendants world-wide; links to Danish and German addresses.
  • Kurzweil
  • Kuzniewski / Kneski - origin of the name, extended family tree, and family history.
  • Kyler - dedicated to Kylers and Kyler genealogy.
  • Knaiger / Kniager - members that originated from Russia in the early 1900s and settled into New Hamshire.
  • Kreitlow - includes names, dates, and family essays.
  • Krueger - other surnames include: Werner, Stuntz, Gloth, Whipple, Lothrop, Dane, Faulkner, Crosby, Brackett, and Goodenow.
  • Kerlin - dedicated to researching genealogical information on the family surname.
  • Kimball
  • Kletke / Durham - for the families which come from Oklahoma and Colorado.
  • Koistinen - interactive research/communication site for Koistinens around the world.
  • Kondrup - tracing descendants who emigrated from Denmark and settled in England and the northeastern United States, including New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.
  • Kaye - traced back to late 1600's in Belgium including the surnames: Capiaux, Gillard, Gerard, Knap, Stordeur, and more.
  • Krenn - Fischer, Voiland, Weller, May, Webber, and others.
  • Kueber - also includes Wade, Rischette, and related families.
  • Karlinsey - includes name origin and links to family records.
  • Klee / Boock - genealogy and family history of the Klee and Boock families in New Zealand. Also with information on the names: Williams, MacLean, Reid, Himes, Foley, and Bennetts.
  • Kenyon - family genealogy.
  • Keller (1)
  • Karr - includes genealogical and historical information for the families of John C. Karr and Rev. Thomas Moore, early pioneers of White County, Indiana.
  • Kendall - documenting the Kendalls from the fifteenth century to the present. Also includes information about the Anderson, Pigman, and Bowen families.
  • Kilgo - devoted to Kilgo families in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. Also includes history of the Kilgore surname.
  • Kreuser - traces the ancestors of John Andrew Kreuser.

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