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  • Norwegian Roots - home to the Roots Genealogy Awards, genealogy resources, and Hostager, Hauståker, and Høstaker family history.
  • Nickell and Gaunce
  • Niderost - family history, genealogy tree, and pictures from the year 1515 in Switzerland.
  • Nicholson - history of the Nicholsons of Spryfield, Nova Scotia, who maintained the dams and lakes that supplied water for the city of Halifax.
  • Norton - Researching specific Irish family names
  • Nissen - traces the family tree in Denmark and the USA.
  • Noffsinger - researching the Nafzger/Noffsinger family in America.
  • Norick - alternate spellings include: Noricks, Norrick, and Norrix.
  • Nau - also Nau, Naud, Nault, Naux, Neau, and Neault.
  • Nesbitt / Nisbet - aims to assist genealogical research into families and to identify and preserve heritage.
  • Noyes
  • Newsom / Barham - other surnames include: Nelson, Jones, Maxey, Ballard, Altepeter, Hambick, Stuart, Grisham, Ledford, and more.
  • Nye - official site of the Nye Family of America Association and of the historic Benjamin Nye Homestead in East Sandwich, Massachusetts.
  • Nutt - features many different surname databases, some of which cover Davy, Ellis, Hunt, Landreth(ith), McPherson, Nash, and Rowley(ee).
  • Noel - history and genealogy of the Joseph Noel family of Lycipus, Westmoreland County, PA.
  • Norwood - A site promoting genealogical research for descendants of Francis Norwood (1636-1709) and Clement Coldam of Lynn and Gloucester, Massachusetts
  • Nugent - family history back to the 1700's.
  • Natt - family history, focusing on the family's experiences during the holocaust.
  • Nithart / Neidhart / Neithart - also Nitart and Nitert.
  • Nares
  • Nieland Family Homepage - for the descendants of John Henry Nieland, who arrived in America in 1869.
  • Niehoff - traces ancestory rooted in surnames Wille, Bock, Christman, Druktenis, Linkus, Andrulis, and Andrijauskas.
  • Newbegin / Meeker
  • Nafzger / Noffsinger - for decendants in the U.S.
  • Nogueira
  • Northern - also Northen, Northon, Northin, Northan, and Northerne.
  • Newman - describes a branch of the family from Somerset, Dorset, and Wiltshire in England.

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