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  • Ireland OLochlainns Irish Families - home of the Irish Genealogical Foundation and Olochlainns Irish Family Journal, free listing and bulletin board online.
  • O'Kelly - research your Irish roots and discover Irish genealogical links.
  • Oster - also including: Galliano, Kennedy, and Hickman families.
  • Oshel
  • O'Dea - also spelled: O'Day, Dee, or Day, includes family history, current news, and genealogical queries.
  • Offringa
  • UK Overend
  • Orth - family history of Johann Peter Orth, born 1818, in Furstengrund, Hessen, Germany, and died in 1893 in Wallace Township, Perth County, Ontario, Canada.
  • Odom
  • Ouimet - Internet home of Les Descendants de Jean Ouimet, Inc.
  • O'Mahony - with membership and event information.
  • O'Brien - formed to promote the interests of all O'Briens who are descended from their progenitor, Brian Boru.
  • Ohmer - genealogical research of the surname.
  • O'Keeffe - features a comprehensive family tree of Georgia O'Keeffe.
  • Olive - genealogy, history, reunions, coat of arms.
  • O'Connor - family research and genealogy links.
  • O'Flaherty - for history, genealogical questions, and contacts with other familiy members.
  • Oglesby - also Anderson, Barker, Carpenter, Crawford, Druehl, Ellis, Hite, Kinzel, Lawhon, Meriwether, Naumann/Norman, Thornton and Yundt.
  • Ohnmacht - McKercher Families of northeast Pennsylvania and Upstate New York.
  • Oravecz - dedicated to families with variants of this surname. Including Oravec, Oravetz and others.
  • O'Hearn - dedicated to the exchange of genealogical information from people around the globe searching the surname O'Hearn.
  • Ireland O'Roughan - O'Ruadhain, Roan, Roughan, Rowan, Ruane genealogy, family history, pedigree and surname history.
  • Oldham (2)
  • Olzheim - in Dutch.
  • Ortenburger and Hackstock - family history in the USA, Germany, Silesia, and the Russian Empire.
  • Olree - also including: Evans, Hijman, Hymen, McCoy, Parker, Kislowski, and Malasinski.
  • Odden - gedcom files, pictures, and maps of family genealogy.
  • Oliver - with family tree and some photos.
  • Ogle / Tasker / Ridout / Tayman - also Tayloe and Carter. Traces the genealogy of these Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. families.
  • Owens - tracing the descendants of Nathaniel Owens and Rebecca Massey.
  • O'Neal - other surnames include: Carden, Cockriel, Ensor, Foy, Goodling, Isbelle, Moore, Paysinger, and Wheeler.
  • Openshaw (1)
  • UK Oulton - also Dyke, Winnard, Sinclaire, Rigby, Raper, Crook, and Jolley.
  • Olmütz

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