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  • Parduhn - dedicated to researching the family genealogy
  • Priestnall Site - Priestnall website  with lovely old photos from past and present
  • Penhallow / Penhollow / Penharlow - family worldwide related back to 1300 Cornwall, England.
  • Phebus - worldwide research of the Phebus, Phoebus, Febus surnames. includes general genealogical resources and links.
  • Pentecost - lineages of several branches of the surname.
  • Pace - home of the Pace Society of America.
  • Pimblott - includes online family tree.
  • Povinelli - many stories and photo galleries of Carisolo, Italy for all Povinelli families around the world.
  • Pappe - family history for the descendants of Richard Pappe Sr. (1860-1919).
  • UK Pargeter - also Pargetter, Pargettor, Pargiter, Pargitter, and Pargittor.
  • Prisk - information on Prisks around the world.
  • Pigott - Our ancestral families immigrated in the 17th or 18th centuries to Virginia, the Carolinas or Georgia. Listed are direct ancestors.
  • Prater / Walker - ancestors of the families.
  • Poochigian - from Armenia to America in the 1800s. Includes photo gallery, family tree, feature articles, links, and more.
  • Paquin - also investigating the Golding, Sutherland, and Moody family trees.
  • Parrott / Reilly - family tree for these surnames.
  • UK Pile - also Skins, Hills, Harrison, Bingham, Watts, Pritchett, and Cudworth.
  • Polson / Polston / Ferguson - history of the immediate family of William G. Polson and Elizabeth Ferguson, who settled in Washington County, Arkansas.
  • Pennington (4)
  • Pelletier (3)
  • Parker (4)
  • Pearce / Roop - also including: Reed, Oldham, Christian, Harrison, Hower, McIntyre, Owen, Owens, Reed, Roller and Spangler.
  • Patrick (2)
  • UK Patrick
  • UK Preece - documents the Preece family originating in Ledbury, Herefordshire, England, who moved to Burton then Beeston.
  • Patterson (1)
  • Prosser - also Archbold, Audsley, Barnard, Medhurst, and Specht.
  • Peoples - includes Ahnentafels for Wilson and Peoples lineages.
  • Parsons (2)
  • Ireland Parsons - genealogy from 1590 to 1850.
  • UK Priestnall - documents the history of the Priestnall family from Cheshire, U.K. Alternative spellings include Pristnall and Priestner.
  • Poyntz - contains extracts from the ecclesiastical records of British India.
  • Phelps - searching all Phelpses in the U.S. and Canada; quarterly, award winning, 20-page newsletter; free queries.
  • Probasco - genealogy resource for those researching the surname.
  • Prentice / Prentiss / Prentis
  • Popp - extensive research, sources, pedigree charts, and gedcom.
  • Pegg - some descendants and history of Daniel Pegg, d.1702 Philadelphia, PA, with links to other Pegg researchers.
  • Pearsalls - history of the family including articles, letters, census, etc.
  • Pinkerton (2)
  • Prost - links, history and queries from a network concerning the surname and several others.
  • Poindexter - contains some photos, as well as dates and places for many surnames including Turner, Leftwich, McCluer, Oswald, and Goforth.
  • Pounders - includes also Allen, Burfield, Coffman, Hollis, Hopper, Kirkley, McLendon, Parnell, Putman, and Quine.
  • Prentice - Family lines besides Prentice include: Beller, Black, Cook, Garland, Kitchen(s), and Morgan.
  • Pine / Pyne
  • Patey [patey.com] - centralize research on the Patey name.
  • Pipes - genealogy of the surname Pipes, including Civil War soldiers named Pipes, with family history, facts and data.
  • Pageau - also Pageot and Pajot.
  • Palliser - genealogy and family trees, and for variants, such as Pallister, Pallyser etc.
  • Philbrick / Philbrook - devoted to the genealogy and history of the families in the United States and around the world.
  • Pleckham - for people of Pleckham, Pluckhahn or Plueckhahn family background.
  • Pinnell - coordinating research efforts this surnames researchers.
  • Pierce
  • Primmer - includes surnames: Talbot, Greene, Lanceylin, Kent, Lough, McWhor, Fletcher, Primmer, Vose and McKenna.
  • Pomerantz - for all people, worldwide, bearing the name of Pomerantz.
  • Proctor - Paulette's family genealogy page.
  • Pence - searchable databases of our ancestry. Three large databases plus an index of documents. Families from Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, Ohio, etc.
  • Pugh (1)
  • Parmelee - news, history, and genealogical puzzles, as well as heirlooms and a family magazine.
  • Parnell - sons and daughters of Thomas Parnell and Elizabeth Griffiths. Other family names include Doyle, Cope, Kemp, and Baker.
  • Perotti - discovering the genealogy of the family tree. Providing the coat of arms, pedigree charts, and meaning of surnames.
  • Perry / Greene - other surnames include: Lewis, Kenyon, Cross, Hoxsie, and Segar.
  • Porter / Kubbannek
  • Pagoria - family tree (mostly U.S.) dating back to the 1700s.
  • Plane - documenting the Plane family in Australia and the United Kingdom. Also includes the van der Flier and Haanstra lines from The Netherlands.
  • Price (3)
  • Popielow - including alternate spellings: Popiel, Popel, Popil, and Popeil. In Polish and English.
  • Pearston - traces three known family branches in North America.
  • Petersons - of Minnesota.
  • Poag - email registry, family trees, and a message board.
  • Pateman - history of a Pateman line dating back to the seventeenth century in Cambridgeshire, England.
  • Pail
  • Pazarena - family members including members by marriage.
  • Presant - researching Presant ancestors in the Norwich and Yarmouth areas of East Anglia.
  • Palmer, Darlene - Trees, Branches & Twigs - researching surnames: DeMoss, Davis, Clary, Luke, Drake, Nance, Brittingham, Thompson, Ellerman, Roemer, Snider, Luke, Felts, others; in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, NC, Germany.
  • Peck (1)
  • Pittendrigh - sharing and collecting family tree info and links.
  • Phillips (2)
  • UK Phillips of South Wales - also Davies, Start, Morriston, and Llansamlet.
  • Papworth - worldwide info being sought and shared.
  • Payne (1)
  • Proffit / Proffitt (1)
  • Phythian - traces the history of the Phythian surname.
  • Playford - other family names include Rootes, Fitzgibbon, and Robbins.
  • Peaslee - assists other genealogists in their search for their family history.

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