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  • Roots Surname List -- Interactive Search
  • UK Rothschild - preserves and arranges the family record.
  • UK Ramsdale / Arthur
  • Renslow - information on the history of the family and locations of historical records.
  • Raile - includes family history and resources for German-Russian genealogy.
  • Ratzenberger
  • Rem - list of family members.
  • Rostock Family Tree - descendants of Rostock farm, Småland, Sweden.
  • Rud / Rude - other surnames include: Vorce, Erickson, Villnow, Orcutt, Ells, Hall, Gaddis, Springer, Mackaman, Tappan, and Tebo.
  • Robertson (1)
  • Ron - history and information about the Ron (Rón) family.
  • Roolf - Ostien, Ostein, Rolfe, and Rolf.
  • Robey / Robie / Roby (2)
  • Rawson
  • Reynolds (2)
  • Rose - Rose family genealogy records nationwide, all nationalities.
  • Rich - for those whose surname is Rich.
  • Roark (1)
  • Rader - also Reader, Raeder, Roder, Roeder and Rotter.
  • Ransom - with links to other family pages, contents of surname researcher, and the John E Ransom collection at Buffalo & Erie County Public Library.
  • Rickenbach / Rickenbacher / Riggenbach / Riggenback - starting from the year 1480 in Basel, Switzerland.
  • Reid (2)
  • Rhys / Roberts - family history and genealogy page including Morgan, David, Wales, Pennsylvania, Glamorgan, Michigan, and Ystradgynlais.
  • Ramsey@
  • Randle - resource page for the surname.
  • Roan - family history and genealogy related to the descendants of O'Ruadhain. Includes the surnames: Roan, Rohan, Rowan, Roughan and Ruane, along with a few others.
  • Reedy - Riedi, Riedy, Reedy descendants of Virgina and Pennsylvania. From the line of Hanzet L. Riedi born about 1650 in Switzerland.
  • Ramsdell - Lynn, MA and Plymouth MA.
  • Rider - Genealogy web site containing over 500 surnames mostly from North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.
  • Rendall - uniting family members around the world.
  • Rowen - also including: Mackie, Quinn, Dickerson, Manion, Rankin, Watkinson, Clark, Ogden, and other families.
  • Redgrave (1)
  • Reagan / Weiler - additional genealogy and family research related to the surnames of Alexander, Duda, of Ohio and Illinois.
  • Rodwell - as descended from Richard Rodwell of Wyverstone, Suffolk, England (died 1646). Includes family tree and discussion forum.
  • Riley (2)
  • Raymer - including various spellings, such as Ramer, Reamer And Raimer.
  • Robison - also Clinkinbeard, Esquivel, Frederick, Linn, Lucas, Reisinger, Vanderburgh and Thornton.
  • Robbins
  • Riper - results of John and Karin Riper's genealogical research on their and many other families. The history of the names Rieper, Van Riper and Riper. Index of surnames.
  • Roderick
  • Ranger / Larocque - index of family names includes: Dufresne and Durocher. Compiled by Bob Ranger of Syracuse, NY, USA.
  • - one-name study.
  • Reese (2)
  • UK Reid - information about the descendants of Alexander Reid born in Banffshire Scotland in the 1750s.
  • Ririe Families
  • Ross (2)
  • Risley - nonprofit, private, national organisation preserving the history and genealogy of the Risley family.
  • Rowley (1)
  • Roorda - and Roorda van Genum genealogy.
  • Rowles (1)
  • Redford - list of surnames connected with descendants of Francis Redford who came to Virginia in 1645.
  • Reeds - and associated family names, from England to Australia.
  • Rutter - includes research on the Rutter, Kemp, Lynerd, and Bien families of Baltimore, Sauer of Indiana, Fouche of Virginia, Pozycki-Tylecki of Pennsylvania, and others.
  • Rampleys - births, marriages and deaths of Rampleys recorded at the Family Record Centre, London, U.K.
  • Rowe - also including Hendy, Connor, Maker, Mitchell, and others.
  • Regenos - genealogical research.
  • Roovers - family tree from circa 1400 to the present.
  • Rutkowski - dedicated to the decendants of Boleslaw Rutkowski, and Scholastica Matuk.
  • UK Rye - includes pictures, history, and the family line.
  • Richter - other surnames studied include: Bateman, Arndt, Naetebusch, Ferse, Murray, McDonald, Curwen, Burns, Byrne, and Hohndorf.
  • Ratcliffe
  • Rogers (1)
  • Rehill - family history, and other fun stuff.
  • Robbie
  • Rumreich - family tree and history.
  • Richey - other surnames include Sanders and Steele.
  • UK Raine - also Cook(e), Pemberton, Dodsworth, and others, with particular attention paid to those families in County Durham, Norfolk, and Suffolk.
  • Rocheteau / Roshto
  • Rowser / Rouser / Rowzer / Rouzer - shares genealogy and family history.
  • Ruda Genealogy - aims to find people throughout the world with the same surname.
  • Ritchie - researching the Brand, Edwards, Ray, Ritchie, and Royer surnames.
  • Rumore - documenting the Rumore family from the birth of Antonino Rumore in 1761 to the present.

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