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  • Whitney - home of the Whitney Research Group (WRG).
  • Wannall - includes biographies, links, chat rooms, a bulletin board, photographs, and more.
  • Wert - with information on Wirt, Wertz, Wirth and other spellings.
  • Woolman - dedicated to the documentation of Woolman descendants and to the preservation of the spirit and legacy of the 18th century Quaker and abolitionist John Woolman.
  • Weedin - Internet source for family information and history.
  • Wiser - family genealogy with pictures and references to other sites and surnames.
  • Wishart - provides historical information.
  • Walvoord / Walvoort - family that emigrated from the Netherlands to Wisconsin and Nebraska. Includes biographical stories and photos.
  • Walsh - The Walsh Family Tree
  • Wurtz - family genealogical site for the descendants of Wilhelm Wurtz. Alternative spellings include: Verts, Vertz, Virts, Virtz, Werts, and Wertz.
  • Wheelock - family genealogy in the United States, with an emphasis on the Mefield and Charlton, MA and Hamburg NY lineage.
  • Wheeler - ever expanding James Stonewall Wheeler family tree.
  • Wilkins / Wilkens - researchers, message boards, links to Wilkins information on the Internet.
  • Woody - family genealogy web site.
  • Waller - Origin of the Waller Family
  • Wagner- The Wagner Family overview
  • Werlen - documenting the Obergoms line of the family from the 14th century to the present, including members of the Swiss Guard.
  • Werlen family history - Family history in English, German and Italian. Family tree since 1340. Contribution to the Vatican Swiss Guard. Homeland picture gallery.
  • Wingfield - heraldic genealogical organisation which researches and disseminates historical information about Wingfield descendants worldwide.
  • Wilson- Wilson family history for Scotland, New Zealand and Australia
  • White- The White Family History, crest and photos.
  • Williamson - Williamson Family Tree detailed down in family tree format
  • Wood - the Wood and Damann family history, with more than 650 surnames. Family pictures and stories.
  • Watson- The Watson Family Tree Website. Register to see living relatives for further information
  • Wedgwood - genealogy and biography; the famous and the not so famous.
  • Weeks- Weeks Family History from Ireland
  • Williams- Welcome to the Williams genealogy site. Join us as we guide you through the history of the descendants of Matthew Williams who settled in Weathersfield Connecticut in the early 1600's
  • Whitworth- The Whitworth Family Association has released a 650-page book highlighting the history of the Whitworth Family. Included is a 7-generation descendancy chart of John Whitworth, born about 1673.
  • Whitley - message board, genealogy and links for the surnames Hudson, Horton, Rodgers, Lumpkin, Watkins, and more.
  • Wynn - for researching Winn, Wynne descendants of Dr. Thomas Wynne of Philadelphia & their Associated Families: Abraham, Ashcraft, Dunwoody, Totten and Timbrel.
  • Wheatley - also Andis, Barker, Barton, Callow, Case, Childs, Davis, Denney, Donald, Donat, Kingery, Merrill, Newbound, Smith, Southard, Speagle, and Waddle.
  • Wicks - also McElroy; includes information about the Piney Woods Research Services and The Piney Woods Newsletter.
  • Whisnant - including the various spellings: Whisenant, Whisonant, Whisante, Whisenhunt, Whisenhant, Whisnand, Whisenand, Whisennand, and Visinand.
  • Woodworth - descendants of Walter Woodworth, born about 1612, who immigrated to Scituate, Massachusetts about 1630.
  • Wagnon / Gamblin - surnames include: Huffines, Barber, Swindell, Hamilton, Cartwright, Leaverett, Green, Roberts, Davidson, Selvidge, Harris, Essary, Craft, Elledge, Rodgers, Perrin, Finley and Osborn.
  • Waters - other surnames include Cooley, Johnston, O'Brien, Westbury, Watson, Gibson, Means, Lawrence, Osborne, Ford, Howland, Ford, Campbell, MacDougall, and Cardiff.
  • Webre - documenting the family from 1721 through the present. Includes photographs, documents, and records.
  • Walbert - researching the ancestors of Lucy Ann Walbert born in 1848; other related names: Derr, Mohr, Boger, and Kerchner.
  • Wells - research on the Wells, Schaffer, Decker, Crane, Vroman and Schrader families.
  • Whitten - descendants of brothers Pleasant and Austin Whitten from Winston County, Mississippi.
  • Willyoung - information on or concerning the lineage of the surname.
  • Wortman- The Wortman family in North America
  • Wortman- Links for the Wortman family including Wortman variations
  • Whatley - family tree complete with biographical profiles.
  • Wissinger - contains surname history, coat-of-arms, and a list of contributors.
  • Widrig - descendants of Michael Widrig (1735-1777); constantly updated for information provided by Widrigs worldwide.
  • Wilcox - surnames include Conway, Craig, Grening, Keilmann, Koster, Lieske, Lund, McIntosh, Plotts, Porter, Rader, Schmidt, Stoltafuhs, Tuyt, van Duinwyk, van Spall, Volktman, Wolfe.
  • UK West- The West Family History Tree, sometime of Sibsey, Lincolnshire
  • Willden - genealogical database of Willden and related family members, plus histories and biographies.
  • Wilburn - with alternate spellings Wilborn and Willborn.
  • Willig - for Willigs researching their roots.
  • Whitty - offers clan history, event listings, and a memorial section.
  • UK Willingale - also Wright, Savill, Murrell, Burles, and more.
  • Ward- Ward Family History Site
  • Wright- The Wright family tree
  • Watkins- The Watkins Family History site
  • UK Walsh Family - dedicated to the family living in North Wales, U.K.
  • Willemssen - factual and chronlogical description of the family, which includes information on trees, maps, histories, bios, and albums.
  • Woodham / Beasley - southern families including Alday, Beasley, Beverett, Brown, Crowson, Johnson, Odom and others
  • Wilborn - also including: Wilburn, Willborn, and Willburn.
  • UK Winwood - provides information about family from Norfolk, Suffolk, Shropshire, and other parts of the U.K.
  • Walls - research also includes the Wiwatowski, Holbrook, and Zegan family lines.
  • Wescott - includes the Wescott and Maclay families.
  • Whitaker - family histories, variant surname spellings, coats of arms, and prominent Whitakers in history.
  • Webb Settlers - westward journey of a southern farming family. Features biographies of Hiram Webb and his children.
  • Webster - Burston, Shoobridge, and Crosse families.
  • Wardill - traces the family genealogy by descendants of John and Elizabeth Wardill.
  • Westropp - from Edward de Westhorpe, of North Yorkshire, England in 1250, to present.
  • Welsh and Miller - tracing the family tree from Kentucky couple Walter Pendleton Welsh and Catherine Amelia Anna Miller.
  • Walker- The Walker Family History project
  • Whaley - features 17th-century deeds and other documents related to Theophilus Whaley in Rappahannock County, Virginia; his life in Rhode Island; and possible connection to Edward Whalley and William Goffe.
  • Whitlock - from Ohio, Kentucky, and Virginia.
  • Wilbers - family tree of Maarten Wilbers.
  • Weithase - online history of the Gerd Weithase family around the world.
  • Wilberding - tracing the descendants of Carl Joseph Wilberding from Oldenberg, Germany, in the 1700s to the Iowa in the 1950s.
  • Wallace- The Wallace Clan Family History

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