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Welcome to the Northamptonshire County, Town and Parish page


"Northamptonshire, (or Northampton), south-midland county of England, bounded N. by Leicestershire, Rutland, and Lincolnshire, E. by Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, and Bedfordshire, S. by Bucks and Oxfordshire, and W. by Warwickshire; greatest length, NE. to SW., about 70 miles; greatest breadth, E. to W., about 26 miles; area, 629,912 acres, population 272,555. Although the surface appearance of the county is generally hilly there are no elevations of considerable altitude, the highest being near Daventry, where Arbury Hill reaches 804 ft. The NE. part of the county belongs to the Fen district. In some localities, particularly the W. and SW., the scenery is especially attractive; while here and there throughout the county rich woods and well-watered vales afford pleasing aspects. The chief rivers are the Nen and the Welland; the Avon forms a part of the N. boundary of the Co., the Cherwell of the SW. boundary, and the Leam of the W. boundary; the Ouse has its rise near Brackley in the S. . . Throughout the whole county, farming is successfully prosecuted, all kinds of cereal and green crops being raised; while upon the splendid pastures large numbers of cattle are reared, principally for the London market. Northampton is celebrated for its ash trees, old oaks, and elm avenues. . . Iron is largely found, and although worked as early as the time of the Roman occupation, its modern manufacture dates only from 1850. . . Apart from ironworkng, the great industry of the county is centred in the manufacture of boots and shoes in the town of Northampton and the towns of the middle of the county." [Bartholomew's Gazetteer of the British Isles, 1887]

Title Category Places Name Count Estimate
Northamptonshire, England: Parish and Probate Records  Birth, Marriage & Death England; United Kingdom; Northamptonshire; Europe 94,732
Genealogy of the descendants of Thomas French : who came to America from Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire, England and settled  Stories, Memories & Histories USA 22,576
The Orlebar chronicles in Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire, 1553-1733, or, The children of the manorhouse [sic] and their post  Stories, Memories & Histories USA 6,443
Sargent genealogy : Hugh Sargent, of Courteenhall, Northamptonshire, and his descendants in England by John S. Sargent ... Will  Stories, Memories & Histories USA 3,944
History of the Markhams of Northamptonshire  Stories, Memories & Histories USA 2,023
The Montagus of Boughton and their Northamptonshire homes  Stories, Memories & Histories USA 1,870
A genealogical history of William Shepard of Fossecut, Northamptonshire, England, and some of his descendants  Stories, Memories & Histories USA 1,071
The last English ancestors of George Washington in the parish church of Brington, Northamptonshire, England  Stories, Memories & Histories USA; Massachusetts 255
The Washington family and its Northamptonshire associations  Stories, Memories & Histories USA; England; United Kingdom; Northamptonshire; Europe 204


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