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At OneGreatFamily we hope people can recognize how the service we offer is unique and provide motivation to join with us in our organization's mission. The following is a list of five features that make OneGreatFamily stand out among genealogy services:

1. Everyone is working on the same family tree!

People using OneGreatFamily may be able to find new matching data and meet distant relatives after entering a few generations of their family trees . . . or even just a few ancestors! OneGreatFamily also uses technology to identify where family trees can be merged and identify when two listed individuals my be the same person. And unlike other services, EVERYONE benefits from new discoveries or corrections that are made to the family tree.

2. Everyone sees OneGreatFamily from his own perspective!

OneGreatFamily can help grow your family tree automatically, but the service still lets you choose which individuals and informaiton you want to see in YOUR family tree. You always see the information you have submitted and get to choose whether or not you accept the research submitted by others.

3. OneGreatFamily is a living, dynamic family tree that is always growing!

OneGreatFamily is continuously updated by thousands of subscribers. The results can be seen instantaneously by everyone around the world without any waiting or additional processing. You may be working on your family tree and receive a notificaiton that new ancestors have been discovered that belong to YOUR family tree.

4. OneGreatFamily provides the best framework for genealogy content

Photos, sounds, sources, citations, and data can be added to OneGreatFamily for each individual in the family tree, where they can be enjoyed by the entire community. No more searching through billions of names or hundreds of web pages for the needle in a haystack. OneGreatFamily provides a simple infrastructure to organize all of this informaiton in one location.

5. OneGreatFamily listens to customers

OneGreatFamily has grown to become one of the top destination sites for genealogy in only two years. How have we done it? By listening to customers ! We remain focused on providing the BEST collaborative family tree service available. Great strides are made to improve the service day after day, month after month. We are committed to continuously provide customers with more value and a better experience.

OneGreatFamily continues to grow in value with each passing day by increasing the ability of people around the world to find new ancestors and discover new information about their family tree. Join the OneGreatFamily community today and start your free trial so you can how valuable the service is.





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